Why Did My Car Battery Just Die?

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Why Did My Car Battery Just Die?

A car battery is a key part of your vehicle’s electrical system. It powers headlights, radio, a variety of accessories, and other components within the vehicle. A dead car battery is a very frustrating problem for a driver. However, if you know why it’s happening, it can be easier to diagnose and fix a dead car battery before it becomes an issue again!


Whether your battery is old or new, corrosion can shorten its lifespan. It is most common on battery terminals. During normal use, the acid inside a car battery merges with lead sheets and creates a corrosive liquid electrolyte. During discharging, this acid emits hydrogen gas that can be trapped under the hood of your vehicle. The hydrogen gas mixes with the air around it and reacts with the metal contacts on the terminals. This process produces a white, blue or greenish powder called corrosion. Corrosion can put resistance into the connections on your battery, slowing down the flow of power to your engine. This can result in a dead battery that cannot start your vehicle.

Cold Weather

During cold weather, the battery in your car is likely to have trouble starting. It may not even try at all. This is because chemicals in your battery need to separate and combine at a faster rate when they’re warm. But in freezing temperatures, the reaction slows down so much that your battery loses up to 60% of its strength! As a result, the battery can’t supply enough chemical energy to start your engine. This is particularly true for batteries that have had extensive summer damage. Because of this, they’re not prepared to handle the extra stress of winter driving.

Power Drains

Your car’s battery is a sensitive electrochemical device that works in a harsh environment, exposed to extreme heat and cold, corrosion and vibration. These factors work together to suffocate the battery, shortening its lifespan or destroying it entirely. One of the most common causes of a dying battery is parasitic drain. These are components that continue to run after the key is turned off, like your clock, radio presets and security alarm. This is normal, but if there are electrical problems in your car (like faulty wiring or poor installation), it can get out of control and drain the battery. Nipping out on long trips or leaving your stereo components or phone chargers plugged in for an extended time can also stress your battery and cause it to die prematurely.

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