Battery Services in Houston, TX

Texford Battery Co provides a full range of battery services that meet nearly any energy needs you may be facing. We offer everything from simple deliveries to battery rebuilding in Houston, TX. Our knowledgeable staff members are highly qualified to perform battery repairs and installations, and we offer some of the most comprehensive service offerings in the region.If you are in need of battery repairs in Houston, TX, our store is the perfect place to find your energy solutions! With more than 70 years of industry experience, Texford Battery Co is the best provider of battery services and battery rebuilds in the Houston area. Here are just some of the services that our team offers:

Battery Services

NiCad Battery Services

Nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries are extremely valuable resources to transportation industry professionals among others. Because of their extremely corrosive nature, they should only be serviced by qualified professionals.

Battery Repair


We are able to charge a wide range of industrial, automotive and personal batteries for use. Regardless of the electrolyte your battery employs, we can charge it and restore it for all of your portable power needs.

Battery Rebuild

Testing and Replacement

Our team is capable of testing and replacing your UPS System. We can work around your schedule, and can even provide your team with diagnostics training upon request.

Custom Products

If your energy needs are unique, you can reach out to us to discuss the possibility of creating a custom battery product that will suit your needs. We are extremely dedicated to serving our customers with dependable portable power solutions.

Texford Battery Co provides a wide range of additional battery services, including battery repairs, consignment contracts, contract technical services, testing and fleet technical assistance.

Obtaining Battery Services

No matter what your energy needs may be, Texford Battery Co can meet them! Contact us today at 713-222-0125 to obtain an estimate on your battery rebuilds and other services for your commercial batteries or accessories.