January 1, 2024

"Great product, Good price, Excellent service."
October 3, 2023

"We needed 4 new 6v batteries for our Scissor Lift. Texford suggested a battery and made us some new 4 gage cables to replace the old ones. The lift now works perfectly. Thanks guys :)!"
February 7, 2022

"One of the best customer service they provide well experienced people work there ROB IS THE BEST. Do not hesitate to ask regarding batteries questions they have all the Answers. Thank you Rob once again"
November 23, 2021

"Had 6 golf cart batteries that I took to Rob & he worked on them for several days trying to rejuvenate & save them. They got to a point where he thought they might come back but, just didn’t make the jump. He fixed me up with. 6 new batteries & took great care trying to help me to save money. Excellent service, I highly recommend them"
September 17, 2021

"I needed several custom cablesmade fory RV house batteries. They were done within a day of me calling, were of high quality, and were reasonable. Service was great as well both on the phone and when I went to pick them up."