How To Repair A Top Post Battery Terminal

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How To Repair A Top Post Battery Terminal

Batteries can generate tremendous amounts of power – easily up to 50kW. Poor quality terminals, loose terminals, or terminals that are the wrong size can cause increased resistance in the connections – generating heat that can literally melt the battery post. The top post on your battery is a crucial part of ensuring your car starts and runs properly. When it breaks or cracks, you could be in trouble.


Crimping is a quick and inexpensive way to make a battery connection. It doesn’t require high heat or toxic materials like solder, and it’s much healthier for the user and environment. When you crimp the terminal, use a crimping tool that matches the wire’s gauge and uses the proper die. You can find a crimper for most cables at the local hardware store. Place the lug in the crimper and apply pressure. This should hold the lug securely, but not so tightly that it will cut the wire. If it does, adjust the die size to reduce the force. Once the crimp is completed, you can apply heat shrink tubing over the crimped terminal and seal it into place. This will prevent corrosion and also provide strain relief for the wires inside.


Soldering is a method of joining two pieces of metal together by melting and allowing the joint to cool. It is used in a variety of applications, from plumbing to electronics and from flashing to jewelry. There are several different methods for soldering, ranging from simple hand-held irons to more advanced devices. Depending on the application, some techniques are more effective than others. For example, soft soldering is a low-temperature technique that uses lead or tin alloys with liquidus temperatures below 400 degC. Silver soldering, on the other hand, uses high-temperature sources to melt the filler metal. Another popular method of soldering is induction, which uses a copper coil to generate a high-frequency alternating current. This creates a higher resistance in the part being soldered than its surrounding material (resistive heating). It’s useful for continuous soldering on cylinders and pipes, minimizing holes and maintaining uniformity. Induction soldering is also often used in precision electronics. It requires less power and energy to heat a circuit board than traditional methods, while being faster and easier to process.


Battery terminals are important for allowing electrical flow between your vehicle’s batteries and the rest of its power system. If they become damaged or corroded, they can cause a variety of problems such as slow cranking and difficulty starting your car. A good way to avoid this is to replace your top post battery terminals as soon as possible. If you notice that your battery is unable to start or it has a slow, clunking sound when cranking, it may be time for replacement. You can purchase top post battery terminals at most auto parts stores. These terminals come with a flat washer and screw-on head to attach onto the bolt on the side of your battery. Tighten them clockwise until they are secure.

Repairing Corrosion

Battery corrosion is a common problem for car owners. If left untreated, corrosion can cause problems with starting the vehicle and running electrical accessories. Corrosion can form on the metal posts and terminals of your battery, as well as on the copper wires. It usually shows up as a flaky white, green, or blue build-up that sits on the terminals. Batteries can corrode because of acidic vapors that are released by the battery when it discharges or recharges. These vapors are sometimes vented out of the top vent blocks on the battery, but sometimes they escape from areas around the posts and between them. This corrosive vapor mixes with other gas under the hood, the heat of the engine, the differences in lead composition between the posts and terminals, the copper of the battery wires, and creates corrosion. It can also interfere with the function of the battery post and its ability to deliver electricity to your car’s electrical system.

Call The Professionals

How do I repair a top post battery terminal with several connections and different size wires so they will not break or come loose again? Have a shop cut the wires off and install new lug terminals on the wire with shrink tubing to secure the connection. Install a brass terminal with a tin plating to reduce corrosion and stack the connection as shown to the left. When performed correctly the brass terminal is very hard and will not distort or come loose with heat. The remaining connections if performed correctly will be crimped at 880 lbs per square inch. Heat shrink tubing with glue will seal the copper wire from corrosion. Got questions? Contact us here at Texford Battery Co to learn more!

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