How To Care for Cordless Power Tool Batteries

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A cordless power tool battery uses a motor to power the mechanical actions of devices like drills, grinders, rotary hammers, and electric hand saws. It’s extensively helpful in woodworking for shaping, cutting, and surface finishing materials like wood, stone, or metal.

At Texford Battery Co in Houston, TX, we encourage you to take charge of your cordless power tool battery through proper selection, transportation, storage, usage, and disposal. Here are our top power tool battery maintenance tips to help maximize its runtime and performance.

Safe Handling

Don’t mishandle your battery (for instance, don’t use it as a hammer). Instead, use it purposely for the defined role specified by the manufacturer. Discontinue use if it has been dropped, damaged, or received a sharp blow.

Moreover, inspect your battery regularly for signs of damage like punctures, cuts, or crushing. Watch out for abnormal battery behavior like failure to hold a charge, a noticeable drop in performance, failure to charge, melted plastic on the pack, or liquid leakage from the battery. These might be an indication of an internal issue.

Never disassemble, modify or tamper with the battery because the performance might become unpredictable. You should also learn how to charge power tool battery types correctly. It is recommended to always unplug the battery charger and remove the battery pack from them when not in use.

Safe Response to Overheating

It would be best to know how to charge the power tool battery properly. Chargers and batteries are safe to use when appropriately operated, but sometimes, a battery might overheat. Take immediate action if it’s showing signs of overheating, like melting, smoldering, smoke, or flames.

You can unplug the charger first, pour plenty of water on the battery, and then submerge it in a water-filled container. Please avoid direct contact with the battery when transferring it. Use the proper personal protective equipment to protect hands, face, and body because an overheated battery might vent, emit flame, or explode.

If the battery still exhibits flames, use enough water until the flame gets extinguished — then submerge it (including any attached charger or tool) in a water-filled container.

If water isn’t available, sand, a conventional ABC extinguisher, or dirt might cool the battery until water is available. Keep the battery submerged for about 24 hours and away from combustible items. After that, dispose of the battery correctly per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Safe Storage

Don’t store batteries on their chargers. Instead, keep it within temperature limits as recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid storing it in an open location where sunlight might cause elevated temperatures. Don’t transport or store the battery in a container with loose metal objects like keys, nails, or coins, which might contact the terminals.

Key Takeaway

Overall, a cordless power battery tool can last long if you charge it well and use it purposely. At Texford Battery Co in Houston, TX, we stock batteries that meet various automotive, personal, and industrial needs. We pride ourselves on being more than just a battery specialist. Our highly knowledgeable and well-trained battery specialists can help you identify what type of power source best fits your needs. Contact us today for all your battery needs.

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