Are Maintenance Free Batteries Really Maintenance Free?

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Meta description: Maintenance free batteries are a leading seller in the automobile industry. They give the user more peace of mind and run well with little to no maintenance.

When it comes to maintenance free batteries, it gives a sense of peace since these batteries are supposed to take care of themselves and be free of maintenance. Still, the question remains, are maintenance free batteries really maintenance free?

While it’s true that maintenance free batteries require minimum maintenance, they still need looking after to work their best. If you’re looking to buy quality batteries like CSB Battery, Powersonic Rechargeable Batteries, Powertron and Texford, you’ve come to the right place.

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Are Maintenance Free Batteries Really Maintenance Free?

You’ve probably asked and have heard the question a few times before, and the answer is yes. Maintenance free batteries need minimum maintenance.

Maintaining battery 101

What maintenance is required on a maintenance free battery, especially during the winter? Lead battery terminals oxidase. Oxidation is a gray to chocolate brown color on the terminal, which can cause resistance or reduce the amount of electricity coming and going to the battery. Wire brushes made for the purpose of specifically cleaning can be obtained from parts houses and battery distributors.

Any dirt on top of the battery, which holds moisture, can create a short between the terminals. Spray cleaners designed to neutralize any acid present and clean the battery can be helpful. Water and baking soda solution can also neutralize any acid.

After the battery and terminals have been cleaned and dried with a dry rag, insulation should be applied on the terminals. Some spray chemicals can provide insulation or a rubber boot covering the terminal. The reason for the insulator is the battery releases sulfuric-laden gasses, which are corrosive. The insulators protect the connection from getting corroded.

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