How To Dispose of Old or Dead Batteries

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Old batteries are something that we all have lying around and most people do not really know what to do with them. It can be hard to know how to safely dispose of these batteries, and it can be worrisome to just leave them lying about. Taking the time to find out what to do with dead batteries can make a big difference and can make disposal easier.

How To Dispose of Dead Batteries

There are a few things that you can do to get rid of your old battery. If you are getting rid of a car battery, most places you purchase a car battery will take the old battery and dispose of it safely. Most stores that sell car batteries will charge you something called a core charge for not returning your old battery.

Some hardware stores will actually accept batteries for recycling, even if you are not buying a battery from them. Batteries are made up of hazardous materials that can cause a huge range of problems if they are not disposed of properly. In some cases, you can also pay a small fee to get rid of batteries at different stores that sell batteries and that have battery recycling programs.

When it comes to alkaline batteries like AA, AAA, and D batteries, you are going to be able to dispose of them in the normal trash can. They are not as hazardous as other batteries and will not pose much of a threat to the people that live in the home or the landfill.

Lithium-ion batteries should not be placed in the garbage and neither should button batteries or cell batteries. These can cause a fire in your garbage as a result of the chemical composure of the batteries. If you have these batteries, it is important to take them to a recycling center.

Can All Batteries Be Recycled?

Not all batteries can be recycled. If you are worried about battery disposal, it is always helpful to take the time to speak with a recycling center and figure out if you need to send your batteries in or drop them off. Batteries are dangerous; they can cause fires, they can cause chemical burns, and they can cause major issues.

If you have old batteries that need to be disposed of, it is always best to take the time to contact a recycling center to see if you can bring them batteries or to see if there is any other option for your disposal.

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