How Long Will a Charged But Not Discharged AGM Battery Last?

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The AGM battery is a significant improvement over the lead-acid batteries that have stored electrical power for generations. It holds a charge much longer than lead-acid batteries and can withstand extreme temperatures much better.

An AGM deep battery cycle uses an absorbed glass mat (AGM) that makes it much more durable and virtually impossible to spill, unlike a lead acid battery. The AGM battery also requires very little maintenance.

Question :

I plan to set up a solar power system with 10 AGM batteries (100amp) as a backup system–not to be used until an emergency. If I get the proper controller and have it set to maintain a constant full charge, approximately how long will the batteries last, even if they are never discharged at all?

Part 1 answer.

Thanks for contacting us today. The short answer is if you have 10 100-amp hour batteries wired in series/parallel, you could have 38.3 hours to run a laptop, cell phone charger, TV, and an LED light.

Part 2 answer:

There are some other points of information to consider.

What ZIP Code are you considering for the application? Knowing the ZIP Code can provide how much sun and what angle to calculate the average daily power that could be available for charging.

What items are you considering operating, and what are their wattage ratings? And for how long? Intermittent use or regular use? Will the use be at night, during the day, or a combination of both?

Most inverters operate at 98% efficiency.

How many solar panels, and what is the power rating for them?

Will the panels be mounted at a clear angle to the sun?

Let us know how we can help. There are a number of online calculators to run simulations to get a feel for what you may need for a particular range of items to power.

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