How to Prevent Battery Trouble in the Fall & Winter Months

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Battery preservation is important whether you have a car, industrial equipment, or various electronic devices. Cold weather breaks down a battery’s charging ability and shortens its life. Here are some battery care tips you can use to help keep your battery’s life up and to better prepare yourself for emergencies.

Keep Your Devices at Room Temperature

One of the most useful battery tips you can follow is to keep all of your devices away from frigid temperatures. Cover them during extremely cold times to stop them from losing their power. Place your small electronic devices in a cozy coat or pants pocket if you have to spend a great deal of time in the outdoors. You’ll give your batteries a longer life by keeping this one rule.

Warm up Your Car

Keeping your car battery safe is a little more complicated during the winter because it sits outside. Still, one thing you can do is keep your car in the garage where the temperature is warmer. Also, ensure that you take the time to warm it up before you take it for a ride in the winter. It’s good to allow your car to warm up for at least 10 minutes before driving to protect the battery from destruction.

Clean Your Batteries to Keep Corrosion at Bay

Take the time to check your car or equipment batteries periodically for corrosion and clean the terminals at the first sign. This process will allow you to catch minor problems before they cause your battery to malfunction. Slight battery dirt and corrosion can easily be cleaned off with a dry rag. You can use a stainless steel wire brush and baking soda for more stubborn issues.

Use Devices Made for Cold Weather

You can alternate devices and use ones designed for cold weather. Those devices will be crafted of material made specifically to preserve battery life.

Take New Extra Batteries With You

This is more of a tip to protect yourself in an emergency. Always travel with at least one extra battery with you. That way, you can still use your electronic device if you experience an incident. It may not be a bad idea to keep a car battery with you when you go on trips as well.

Bring a Few Chargers

Cold weather can cause the batteries in your equipment and devices to require a charge more frequently than other times. For that reason, you should consider taking a few chargers with you. You never want to be stuck out in the cold with non-working equipment, and you can avoid that by taking just a few preventative measures.

Use the winter battery suggestions above to keep your batteries in good shape and contact a specialist to ensure that you use the appropriate batteries for all your devices.

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