Why Do I Need To Add Water to My Battery?

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Adding water to a battery is a primary battery maintenance aspect that you have to consider. Naturally, you must add water to a battery to function as needed. This has been a fundamental undertaking that all battery owners must implement every other month, especially when their batteries are low on charge.

Battery Water Evaporates During the Hot Season

Why do I need to add water to my battery? In the hot seasons, the water component of the acid in a battery will evaporate from batteries. The acid will never evaporate, so just add water. Distilled water is the best because high mineral content in the water will damage the battery. Some batteries are called “maintenance” free, giving the illusion water never has to be added to the battery.

Some batteries are manufactured, so they do not use as much water. But all batteries will need some water to function correctly. A low water use battery is designed by changing the mixture of pasted material into the plates, which will slow the battery’s charging rate. When the charging rate is slowed, the heat is reduced by charging, thereby reducing the water’s evaporation inside the battery.

How to Add Water to a Battery?

You don’t just open the battery tops and start adding water. This approach might expose you to dangerous aspects that can easily lead to serious health issues. Therefore, you must be careful about the process you will follow. Here are the critical approaches that you will need to consider.

  • Consider safety aspects

As highlighted above, there are some safety concerns that you need to take into account when adding water to your battery. The first thing is to ensure that the area is well-ventilated as there might be fumes. You also need gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes from corrosive fumes. After considering these safety concerns, you can move to the next step.

  • Identify the type of battery

This critical aspect will determine the steps you will follow when adding water. For instance, if you are dealing with a VRLA battery, adding water might not be necessary as it is sealed. If you’re dealing with a different battery type, it’s crucial to identify the cells as they might have different water levels.

  • Determining the right time to add water

Once you have considered all the necessary safety concerns and identified the correct battery type, you can now determine when adding water will be required. As highlighted earlier, you need to add water during the hot season as battery water will evaporate. Also, when the battery is not functioning as required, adding water is necessary.

  • The right way to adding water

After determining the right time to add water, you need to identify the right way of adding water. This is a critical step that will ensure your safety as well as the safety of your battery. For instance, you need to use distilled water as it doesn’t have any chemicals that might harm the battery. Also, you need to use a clean funnel to add water to the battery.


Adding distilled water to your battery is a fundamental aspect of battery maintenance. You must undertake this process every other month, especially when the battery is low on charge or during the hot season. Also, you need to be careful about the process as there might be some safety concerns. Contact Texford Battery Co if you have any questions.

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