Why Is an AGM Battery Better Than a Conventional Battery?

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When it comes to car batteries, are AGM batteries better than their flooded counterparts? While some modern vehicles rely on lithium-based batteries for power, most vehicles are equipped with either an AGM lead-acid battery or a flooded battery. If you’ve always wondered what an AGM battery is and why they’re preferred to traditional batteries, read on to learn the differences between an AGM vs. a conventional battery.

What is an AGM battery?

An AGM car battery is designed to deliver powerful starting amps and run a car’s extensive electronics systems for long periods of time. The acronym “AGM” actually stands for “absorbed glass mat,” which describes the interior of the battery. The glass mats cushion ultra-thin lead plates, allowing manufacturers to put more lead plates into the battery, which increases its power.

Another key difference between AGM and conventional batteries is the way they regulate hydrogen and oxygen gas to escape during charging. Regulating valves allow hydrogen and oxygen to remove gas as needed, helping the battery store power for long periods of time and release it over long periods of time.

Why are AGM batteries better than other options?

While AGM batteries have higher price tags than their conventional counterparts, always keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The primary advantage of AGM vs. a conventional battery is in their design and performance benefits. With AGM batteries, electrolyte is absorbed into fiberglass matting, making them more resistant than flooded batteries, which simply use lead plates in the electrolyte solution.

The AGM battery’s specialized design does a great job of preventing acid from leaving the battery and damaging your vehicle’s paint and sensitive components. As you’re looking for a replacement battery for your car, make sure to choose an AGM option that contains 99.9 percent pure lead. It will ensure that your battery can perform well in all temperature ranges and last as long as possible (generally two to three times as long as flooded options).

Upgraded performance is especially important in terms of modern vehicles that are equipped with start/stop technology to improve fuel economy. Flooded batteries just can’t handle this increased starting demand, which makes AGM batteries the better option.

AGM batteries offer a final yet very important advantage: they require much less maintenance than flooded options. The free liquid in flooded batteries requires regular inspection and maintenance. Flooded batteries need regular watering at the right time and in the right amount—otherwise, their performance and longevity suffers. If lead plates inside encounter atmosphere, they’ll corrode and fail. This regular maintenance is not only an additional expense, it’s a huge hassle to keep track of.

Now that you understand what an AGM battery is and why it’s best for a wide range of vehicles, you can make the right choice when it comes time to replace your car battery. Contact or pay a visit to Texford Battery Co. to learn more about the benefits of choosing the right battery for your vehicle and all other battery-powered equipment.

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