How Do I Charge a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery?

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Not all batteries are created equal—nor do they charge in the same way. If you’re wondering how to charge or recharge a lithium iron phosphate battery, read on. There are some key differences between these batteries and sealed lead acid batteries, including how you charge them. Knowing how to charge your batteries properly will ensure you get the desired performance out of your battery, no matter which type you use.

What is a lithium iron phosphate battery?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have some key differences from sealed lead acid batteries—namely, lithium batteries are lighter weight and tend to have a much longer lifespan. They require little to no maintenance, and are extremely safe to use. Instead of lead acid, they use lithium as the main component.

This type of battery discharges and charges more efficiently. In fact, lithium iron phosphate batteries charge up to four times faster than sealed lead acid batteries. Although lithium iron phosphate batteries are more expensive than lead acid, most people consider the faster charging, longer lifespan and lighter weight more than worth the additional expense. You might have to invest a little more at the outset, but you’ll be repaid in low maintenance, better efficiency and long life.

How to charge a lithium iron phosphate battery

Not all batteries charge in the same way, even different types of lithium batteries. If you’re wondering how to charge your 12v 10.5 amp lithium iron phosphate battery, it’s always smart to contact the manufacturer of the battery for a guide.

Lithium batteries need a charger specifically designed for charging lithium. If you try to charge your lithium batteries with a charger designed for sealed lead acid batteries, it won’t work properly. Your lithium battery won’t get a full charge. Worse, it could actually reduce your battery’s performance. Since they’re a more expensive type of battery, it’s worth investing in the right type of charger so you can reap the full benefits. Some chargers will allow you to charge multiple batteries in a series, saving you time and effort.

Unlike lead acid batteries, your lithium batteries do not need to be recharged if they’ve been partially discharged. While lead acid batteries will develop sulfate when partially charged, lithium maintains the same quality and effectiveness until the next time you use it.

Lithium batteries should have a battery management system inside the battery. This helps maintain top performance and protects the battery from overcharge, undercharge and cell balancing. If you’re not sure whether your lithium iron phosphate battery has a battery management system, contact the manufacturer to ask (or check your manufacturer’s guide). Failing that, bring your battery to Texford Battery Co. Our team of experts can help you find the answers to all your battery questions.

When you need lithium iron phosphate batteries, chargers and advice on how to recharge them properly, call or stop by Texford Battery Co. for professional assistance and tips. Our experts can help outfit you with the batteries and accessories you need.

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