Scissor Lift Battery Not Charging? Here Are the Steps You Should Take

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Is your scissor lift giving you trouble as you work on aerial jobs in Houston, TX? While scissor lift batteries are generally built to last, it’s not uncommon for some problems to occur with these components, in particular during charging. If your 6-volt lift batteries won’t seem to take a charge, here are some common questions and answers that give you some helpful hints about what to do.

How can I properly charge scissor lift batteries?

If you need to reach high spaces and your scissor lift isn’t working, it’s always an inconvenience. Luckily, you could just be dealing with dead scissor lift batteries that are in need of a charge. Most scissor lifts are made with a series of eight 6-volt lift batteries, and here’s how you can charge them:

  1. Move the lift to a well-ventilated area that’s near an electrical outlet and press the emergency shut-off button.
  2. Locate the battery charger on the base of the scissor lift and make sure the charger itself and its extension cord are free from damage.
  3. If you don’t notice any damage, plug the charger into the extension cord, then plug the cord into an outlet.
  4. The lights on the charger should illuminate to signal that the batteries are pulling power from the outlet.
  5. Leave the equipment to charge overnight so you can be sure the batteries get a full charge.

I have a scissor lift with eight big 6-volt batteries (48 volts) and the charger will not charge them. Are the batteries defective?

Usually, when large equipment is not used for a period of time, the batteries discharge to a point where the charger will not recognize them because the voltage is too low. The best way to remedy the situation is to use a 6-volt commercial charger to charge each battery one at a time for a few minutes. The charge will stay in the battery for a short time, just long enough for the battery charger to recognize the 48v system and charge the batteries to completion.

How can I extend the life of my scissor lift batteries?

Routine maintenance can increase the efficiency of scissor lift batteries. While you can do some of the following tasks yourself, it’s best to rely on the professionals in Houston, TX so you can be sure your equipment works exactly when you need it to. Here are some common maintenance tasks to extend the life of scissor lift batteries:

  • Remove rubber grommets and check for corrosion
  • Remove filler caps and top off batteries
  • Remove dirt and debris from battery banks
  • Perform regular charge tests

A scissor lift is a valuable piece of equipment, but only if it’s working correctly. If you’ve tried the steps above to charge your scissor lift batteries and you’re still experiencing problems with your equipment, have your local battery professionals in Houston, TX take a look to see if there are other major issues causing the problem. Contact Texford Battery Co. to learn more about keeping your scissor lift running efficiently for years to come.

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