My AGM Battery Won’t Charge—What Should I Do?

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Because they perform better than traditional batteries and don’t require any maintenance, absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are becoming increasingly popular in all sorts of equipment and vehicles. Although the batteries are built to last and hold their charge for quite a while, we still see some customers who have AGM battery problems.

The most common issue we see is AGM batteries not charging when they’re connected to an automatic charger, which only starts charging the battery when it’s dipped below a predetermined voltage level.

For example, a 12-volt battery connected to an automatic charger will only begin charging when the voltage dips below 10.5 volts. Then, the charger will turn off automatically when the battery has reached the manufacturer’s recommended voltage level.

Is the charger broken?

When someone realizes that their battery isn’t charging, they immediately assume the automatic charger is broken. While this may be the case, that doesn’t mean you should reach for a different charger—especially one not designed for AGM batteries—to charge the battery.

You can attempt to start up the battery with a charger designed for AGM batteries. However, we recommend bringing your battery to a specialist to charge it for you. A professional will ensure the maximum voltage isn’t exceeded when recharging the battery.

Is the battery actually dead?

Their other concern is that the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. That might not be the case, though! You can save yourself a ton of money by trying to charge the dead battery with another AGM battery.

Simply take a well-charged AGM and connect it parallel with the dead AGM battery on your charger. Use a set of jumper cables to connect the good battery to the bad one to give it a jump-start. Just be careful to limit the charge to 10 amperes.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the safest procedure—it should only be performed by someone with extensive knowledge of AGM batteries. While this DIY measure is free, we recommend bringing your battery and charger to a reputable battery company to recharge it for you.

If you do happen to need a new battery or battery charger, the retailer can set you up with the necessary equipment.

Bring your battery or charger to Texford Battery Co.

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