Why Is My GMC Denali Battery Not Lasting More Than a Year?

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Your car battery should last several years—so if your GMC Denali battery is dying well before its time, it can be frustrating. GMC battery drain has been a problem for certain models in Houston, TX. Here’s what to do if you’ve noticed problems with intermittent or early battery drain.

Problems with intermittent battery drain

Battery issues in GMC Denalis, Sierras and Yukons have been well documented. First, check your VIN to see if there has been a recall for the battery or related parts. If your specific model and year seem to be safe, it may be a problem with installing the wrong battery.

Installing the correct Denali battery

If your GMC Denali battery has not been lasting long enough, check to see if the battery size installed is a group 48. This is often what is installed—however, our records and recent installations show it is a completely different battery than what you need.

The Denali’s radiator overflow/fill bottle has one nut on a stud which can be removed temporarily, so the correct battery can fit in easily. We have seen many people put in the group 48 size battery, not realizing there is enough room for a 94R, which is the correct battery. 94R batteries have more power and a higher water/acid holding capacity. In fact, our 94R batteries have 740 CCA, which is even more than the factory recommendation.

How truck batteries differ from car batteries

Installing the right truck battery is the key to great performance. If you’re using an inadequate battery, you won’t get the power you need, and your battery may not last more than a year:

  • More power: Trucks require a lot more power to start up, so dedicated truck batteries have more power than regular car batteries. A good truck battery is designed to start the vehicle with the right amount of amps every time.
  • Longer battery life: Since truck batteries are designed to deliver more power on startup, they are designed to last years at a time. Installing the wrong battery leads to issues like many users are experiencing with GMC Denalis—they drain intermittently, constantly need to be jump started and may not even last a full year. Getting a truck battery will solve this issue.
  • Recharges faster: Finally, truck batteries are designed to recharge faster than a standard car battery, especially when you’re using it for long periods of time. This lowers the likelihood that your battery will drain unusually fast or require jump starting.

Getting the right battery will drastically lengthen the time you need to go between replacements. If you’re not sure whether you have the right battery installed, bring your truck to Texford Battery Co. We sell a wide range of battery products in Houston, TX and can help you find one that will work for your specific make and model.

To learn more about our product selection and service, stop by or reach out to Texford Battery Co. today by phone or through our website.

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