What Should I Do with an Old Battery in My Garage?

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Are you tackling spring cleaning in your garage? You might have come across old, dead car or boat batteries. Any old battery that has been run down should be recycled at your local battery store in Houston, TX. Not only is it a safe and environmentally-friendly way to clear out some room in your garage, but you’ll probably receive some cash for bringing them in—most auto parts and battery stores pay a finder’s fee for batteries when they’re turned in for recycling.

How to dispose of your dead batteries

Throwing dead batteries in the trash is bad for the environment. Batteries use lead and acid to retain a charge, but both of those compounds can leak into landfills and contaminate the groundwater supply. Safely disposing of your battery will prevent this from occurring.

Carefully handling your battery is key. When a battery is discharged, the acid is mostly absorbed into the plates. This leaves the water to surround the battery plates. If you are in a cold climate, where temperatures drop below freezing, you should immediately put the battery in a plastic tray with high sides until you can take it to an auto parts store to recycle it. When the temperature dips below freezing, the water in the discharged battery freezes, too. The battery case will break and leak lead tainted acid on the floor.

Another way to recycle your battery is to put it in two thick plastic bags. This protects your car’s interior from any grease or dirt on the battery case, and will prevent small leaks from soaking into the trunk or floor.

Always store your battery upright, since many of them come with vent caps. Try not to shake or drop the battery, which can also cause leaks. It’s best to take them to the store for recycling as soon as possible—even properly stored and wrapped batteries can leak.

Battery recycling process

What happens after you drop off your old batteries for recycling in Houston, TX? First, the plastic case is broken down into pieces and separated by material. The plastic is washed and turned into pellets, which can be melted down for new plastic items. The lead content, which includes plates, terminals and posts, is taken out to be melted and purified. This is sold off to battery manufacturers, who use the lead to create new battery parts.

Batteries often have sulfate buildup, which can cause the batteries to fail. This is collected, along with the electrolytes, and processed into a powder used in detergents, textiles and glass. Any unprocessed electrolytes are mixed with baking soda, which neutralizes the acid and turns it into water.

Battery recycling not only protects the environment from harmful substances, but it’s a great way to cut down on plastic production.

When you’re ready to purchase new batteries, Texford Battery Co. is sure to have what you need. Call or stop by our battery store in Houston, TX today to learn more about our selection and services.

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