What Happens to Rechargeable Batteries?

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The inner workings of rechargeable batteries remain a mystery to many people who use them. After all, you simply pop them into a device and go, right? And when they need to be recharged, you simply recharge them. But exactly what happens when batteries are charged in Houston, TX? To understand this process, it’s also necessary to understand what happens to a battery when it’s discharged. Here’s the scoop to unravel the mystery of rechargeable batteries.


When a battery discharges, electricity is taken from the battery. Within the battery, there are negative and positive electrodes. These generate electrochemical reactions in the battery, which allow the battery to generate electricity. However, what happens to a battery when discharged in Houston, TX is that it eventually can no longer generate these reactions to produce power. Eventually, the battery can no longer emit electrons and is fully discharged. At this point, one must recharge the battery to continue using it as a power source.


In order to recharge a battery, new chemical reactions must be generated. These reactions allow electricity to be extracted from the positive electrode and provide electrons for the negative electrode. As a result, an oxidation reaction occurs, as well as a reduction reaction. These reactions recharge the battery.

One thing that is important to keep in mind regarding what happens when batteries are charged in Houston, TX: it’s important to remember that the battery is storing chemical energy that produces electricity. It is not storing electricity itself.

It’s also good to understand that in batteries that are not rechargeable, the chemical reaction is irreversible. Once the battery’s original supply of power has run out, it must be disposed of rather than recharged.

Recharging mistakes

All too often, what happens when batteries are charged in Houston, TX results in poor battery operation. It is possible to overcharge a rechargeable battery. Always consult with a battery expert before choosing your recharging method. In many situations, a device will recharge the battery at a constant rate, whether the battery requires additional recharging or not. If the rate is more than the battery’s absorption rate, the electrolyte in the battery will begin to break down. As a result, the battery will underperform or die completely rather than function as a fully recharged battery.

Optimal rechargeable battery performance

No one understands what happens when batteries are charged in Houston, TX better than your local battery professionals. For optimal battery performance, always consult with these experts to select the best battery for your device or vehicle and keep it in top running condition.

Answers from the experts

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