Fixes for Common Golf Cart Charging Problems

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Golf carts are still most common on golf courses around the country, but this mode of transport is becoming more popular for people who are looking to save on fuel costs, are concerned about the environment or just want a convenient way to take short trips or get around larger properties. Electric golf carts run more quietly than those powered by gas or ATVs, and maintenance is usually pretty simple.

But there are some unique concerns to be aware of if you hope to understand the reasons a golf cart may stop running in Houston, TX. You can avoid most of these problems via regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance. Read on to find out about how to prevent battery charging issues with your electric golf cart.

Ignition problems

When your ignition simply isn’t turning over, the problem is likely tied to wear and tear on the golf cart. Over time, wires become loose and the connection between the switch and the battery is lost. These wires may need to be replaced if they wear out.

Battery quickly losing charge

When your golf cart won’t start, it’s time to check your battery. Electric golf cart batteries have to be charged and need water to be added regularly. If you’re buying a used golf cart, it’s important to ask about the age of the battery in the cart. Older batteries are more prone to corrosion and may need to be replaced. This is also an issue for seasonal use, as proper storage is necessary to avoid battery corrosion.

Solenoid issues

On most solenoids, there are four terminals: two large ones and two small ones. Battery voltage is conducted to the smaller terminals which activate the solenoid, then connects the two larger solenoids together. The terminals sometimes malfunction and need to be replaced.

When you start the cart, the solenoid is the source of the clicking sound you hear when you press the pedal to accelerate. This is supposed to happen, but if you stop hearing that clicking sound and the golf cart isn’t starting, then the solenoids are to blame. This could be loose parts, corrosion or a broken coil.

Direction switch

This switch controls whether the golf cart will move forward or in reverse. Because it’s used frequently, it’s prone to wear and tear and may break down over time. This will likely necessitate a trip for repairs and replacement of the switch.

These are just some of the reasons a golf cart stops running in Houston, TX. Texford Battery Co. is here to help whenever you have vehicle battery issues. That’s because we’re known as the premier provider of commercial batteries in the area.

We’ve built a reputation for being the battery experts and will help our customers identify exactly what they need in a prompt and professional manner. Our team is extremely dedicated to seeing our clients’ success. Our extensive inventory also includes a number of foreign products so you can easily replace hard-to-find components. Call us today at 713-222-0125 to find out more!

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