What Happens When a Battery Stratifies?

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Recharging batteries can extend the life of vehicles and lower operating costs. But the process of recharging batteries using a constant voltage or fixed charge algorithm can result in electrolyte stratification. This happens during the process of discharge and recharge when the electrolyte’s acid doesn’t mix with the water and falls to the bottom of the battery’s case. In time, the acid at the cell’s bottom leads to damage of the battery plates, thereby shortening the lifespan of the battery.

If you want to figure out how to prevent battery stratification in Houston, TX, then trust the expert team at Texford Battery Co. We’re the leaders in the region in everything related to batteries, from distribution to service and maintenance. Let’s take a look at what battery stratification is and how to prevent it.

The equalization method

To reduce the effects of stratification and recharge a poorly performing battery, adding an equalization charge at the conclusion of a standard charging process is a good idea. An equalization charge includes the addition of a high voltage extended charge at the end of the process. This prevents gassing of the electrolyte and will remix the water and acid to avoid stratification.

How equalization works

A high-quality battery charger that has an automatic equalizing mode or can restart the charging process as needed will do the trick. This process should only be done in a well-ventilated area, and you should wear personal protective equipment if you attempt it.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • First, check that the battery is a flooded lead-acid type.
  • Then remove all electrical loads to the battery.
  • Connect the charger and complete the normal charging process.
  • For chargers with an automatic equalizing mode, ensure that the charger has enough power to complete equalization. For those without automatic equalization, complete the process as usual, then restart the charger by disconnecting the power and then reconnecting.
  • Every hour, while the gassing and bubbling takes place, take specific gravity readings.
  • When the gravity readings aren’t increasing, then the equalization process is complete. You’ll want to replace any water that was lost during equalization.

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