Is My Generator’s Battery Ready for the Storm?

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As the 2020 hurricane season continues to rampage across the southeastern United States and the Gulf Coast, it’s a painful reminder that Mother Nature will not be held at bay. The hurricanes and tropical storms that pound the Gulf Coast can be felt in Houston, too. As the weather gets more severe, it’s only a matter of time before the wind and rain that plague the area during the latter half of the year reach toward your home and, with a clap of thunder, turn out the lights.

For rural homeowners with wells, for suburban and urban dwellers who rely on up-to-date weather reports and for businesses that need to keep their products refrigerated, a working generator is a big deal. When the weather inevitably causes a power outage in your area, will your generator be ready? Perhaps it’s time for a generator battery check in Houston, TX.

Idle generators are doomed

Most homeowners are too busy maintaining the rest of their property to worry about something that they may or may not need some time in the future. That’s why, in between uses, a lot of generators sit idle in garages.

There it sits, waiting for the next time it will need to be used. And within that generator, perhaps its most important component is also being left alone. When you don’t regularly charge the battery in your generator, you’re asking for trouble. All batteries have a self-discharge rate. In other words, over time, they gradually lose the ability to produce power. There’s nothing more disappointing than reaching for your generator only to discover that its battery is dead.

How can I protect my generator?

The smartest thing to do for your battery is to engage in regular generator battery maintenance in Houston, TX. Start by bringing it to Texford Battery Co. Our comprehensive state-of-health check will determine if your battery is ready for the next big storm or if it needs to be replaced. Let one of our skilled technicians evaluate the battery to see if a simple charge will be sufficient, or if a replacement is necessary.

No waiting

When you work with Texford Battery Co., you’re already one step ahead of the game. If your generator needs a new battery, the odds are good that we’ll have a replacement on hand within our vast inventory. Even if your generator is rare or made by a foreign brand, we can cover it. Even better, our monitoring chargers can keep your generator’s battery ready for action when needed.

Trust the battery pros

Once you get a generator battery check in Houston, TX from Texford Battery Co., you’ll be amazed at our knowledge, efficiency and quality of service. It won’t be long until you’re coming to our specialists for all your battery needs, from your car to your computer to your boat and beyond.

Make the smart move—when you need help with your generator, work with a company that specializes in batteries. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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