Why a Harvard Fluid Filter Is the Best Choice

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As any business owner knows, companies around the world rely to some extent on oil. Whether it’s powering the truck that’s transporting your goods or lubricating a piece of colossal construction machinery, the world runs on this invaluable substance. But are you getting the most performance out of your oil? If left untended, oil can develop small particles that can batter the surface of your engine, causing wear and tear and even shortening a given machine’s lifespan.

If you’re using oil in your business, it might be time to think about the kinds of filter you’re using. When it’s time to make your choice, you can’t do any better than a Harvard fluid filter in Houston, TX. Read on to find out why.

The Harvard guarantee

In 1973, the Harvard Corporation was founded after the owner noticed a dramatic increase in the complexity of industrial machinery and engines in general. With this innovation, the owner saw an opportunity: to produce the world’s finest filter and purification systems. After nearly 50 years in business, you could absolutely argue that they have succeeded. For proof, look no further than the Harvard fluid filter in Houston, TX.

Get all the bad out

A lot of fluid filters allow for some particles and contaminants to get through. It’s considered just part and parcel of the process. However, this is not true when it comes to the Harvard fluid filter. The Harvard filtration machine has a patented non-channeling seal that absolutely refuses to allow fluid to go around the seal and not through the filter. The more contaminants the filter catches, the tighter the seal gets, which means that your fluid comes out clean on the other side.

Save time and money

The Harvard filter machine’s operation is a study in masterful efficiency. One filter removes water and filters down to one micron. Other, similar machines take several filters just to filter to three microns. Then, another filter is needed to remove water. In most cases, the competitor’s filter is very small, too, which means it needs to be changed often.


Perhaps best of all, the Harvard fluid filter is simple to use. Filters are relatively easy to change and hold much more contaminants than competing filters. Each new filter comes with a new seal, as well.

Meanwhile, the Harvard filter machine is automatic. Once the machine is running at the correct pressure, a flick of a switch turns on the automatic feature. If a suction hose falls out on the floor, the machine automatically turns off. If a contaminant lodges in the hose and blocks the movement of fluid, the machine automatically shuts down to protect the pump.

Find out more

At Texford Battery Co., the Harvard fluid filter in Houston, TX is just one of the amazing products and reliable brands that we provide. We’re proud to offer Power-Sonic, Yuasa, Powertron and even our own state-of-the-art offerings. All told, we can offer up to 10,000 of the industry’s top products at a cost that won’t break the bank.

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