Why Won’t My Monitoring Charger Keep My Motorcycle Battery Charged?

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If you’ve ever pulled your motorcycle out of the garage and gotten ready to enjoy the warmer weather, only to find that the battery is dead and you had no clue, you’re not alone. Many motorcycle owners are surprised to find that their monitoring charger never let them know that their battery was anywhere close to dying. For example, they might pull it out of the garage and be surprised their indicator light shows that there’s a full charge, but the bike still will not start. Time to look into motorcycle and car battery disposal in Houston, TX!

Monitoring chargers are designed to return to a battery the amount of self-discharge inherent in all batteries. Batteries are not a perfect design, however. Each type of battery has its own self-discharge rate, and for that reason, the monitoring charger helps off set the discharge. For example, a trickle charger is designed to slowly trickle power into the battery, trying to ensure that your battery is always in the best shape possible—but if you haven’t ridden your bike all winter, it isn’t as easy for your battery monitoring system to keep up.

Other factors to consider include:

  • When a battery has been severely discharged: If you rode your battery into the ground, it’s not surprising that it’s harder for your monitoring charger to help restore power. In this case you may want to recharge with a different method or replace the battery entirely, depending on its age.
  • Batteries that are low on water: When you have a motorcycle battery, you need to keep it topped up with distilled water—make sure to check at least once per week. The inside of the battery should have markers to tell you how high to fill the water.
  • When a car or boat has a short, or draws on the battery: If your battery has a short, you’re bound to deal with trouble. The battery can’t power your motorcycle, car or boat appropriately when the connections aren’t good. This can drain your battery without you realizing it.
  • If a battery is past its expected life: All batteries have a lifespan of about three to five years, depending on how heavily they’re used and what kind of climate you live in. If your battery isn’t living up to expectations, be sure to consider whether it’s time to replace it.
  • Connectors are dirty, causing poor charging and performance: Finally, if your battery isn’t clean, that can impact how well your battery performs. Always check your battery case and give it a good wipe-down before abandoning hope completely.

The above situations require either more intervention or possibly a stronger charger. Of course, if you need assistance with your monitoring charger or your motorcycle battery, the team at Texford Battery Co. is happy to help.

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The team at Texford Battery Co. has been serving Houston area clients for over 70 years, and our service record shows how much we care. Visit us today to get more advice on your motorcycle batteries or to benefit from safe motorcycle and car battery disposal in Houston, TX.

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