The Odyssey Extreme Battery vs. the Odyssey Performance Battery

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When it comes to today’s vehicles, we need a lot of power. Even in the last decade, onboard accessories have vastly increased, making it important for your battery to be able to power them as well as start up your car or truck—and in this case, your big rig.

At Texford Battery Co., we love the Odyssey brand of batteries—but we get a lot of customers asking what the differences between Odyssey’s Performance and Extreme series batteries might be, and when they might need to upgrade. Here’s an overview of the major differences between the two—and as always, if you need to take advantage of lithium battery recycling services in Houston, TX, be sure to visit Texford Battery Co.

The Odyssey Performance battery

The Odyssey Performance battery offers a baseline of more power and a longer service life than you might expect from conventional car batteries. If you like the benefits of the Odyssey Extreme batteries, you’ll like these. They offer all the benefits of Extreme, but without the high CCA (cold cranking amps) or reserve capacity that you might not actually need.

Odyssey batteries are great for big rigs because they utilize more flat lead plates than conventional batteries, which allows for more power when you need it. Odyssey plates are thinner, so there are more inside the battery, giving you more surface area.

The Odyssey Extreme battery

Odyssey Extreme batteries can handle even the coldest temperatures. They deliver pulses in excess of 2250 amps for five seconds, which is double to triple the power that conventional batteries can provide. The key here is that they’re made with lead plates—in fact, their plates are comprised of 99 percent pure lead, as opposed to lead alloy, which is common in batteries.

If you’re having a difficult time deciding between the Performance and Extreme series, be sure to ask one of our team members. Ultimately, the Extreme battery has much larger connectors from cell to cell, which dramatically reduces the internal resistance. The case is also different—part of the benefit to a sealed flat plate battery is the plates, which are prone to shedding. In this case, the active material cannot because the plates are compressed very tightly in the cell and case. The Performance series does not have as much of a rigid case as the Extreme, so if you need the extra amplitude, opt for the Extreme series.

Lithium recycling in Houston, TX

Texford Battery Co. has been serving the Houston area for over 70 years, offering the community over 3,000 different battery varieties. Whether you’re debating between the Odyssey Extreme or Performance battery or need an entirely different kind of help, we can provide the power you need. We carry automotive, industrial and personal batteries so that you’re never left wondering how to find the right battery for your needs. We also offer lithium battery recycling in Houston, TX. Call or stop by today to talk to our friendly team and browse our selection.

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