What Kind of Battery Should I Use for My Trolling Motor on My Boat?

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Batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Among the myriad choices, which are the best batteries for boat trolling motors in Houston, TX? Since not all batteries are created equal, it takes careful discernment to answer this question. Use the following guide to select the best battery for your boat.

Amp hours

An important quality to look for in a battery for boat trolling motors is amp hours (Ah). This indicates how much electricity the battery can store. This, in turn, indicates how long the battery can provide power to your motor before it quits. Since this is typically a boat owner’s main concern, this is one of the top characteristics to check when shopping for a battery. Look for higher numbers for longer performance. Small batteries usually offer 25 to 50 Ah, and larger batteries may feature up to 100 Ah.


Consider the power system of your boat before you purchase a battery. Find out what demands the boat will be placing on your battery, so you can buy the right type and number of batteries. Most batteries offer 12 volts. If you are trying to power a boat with a 24-volt motor, you’ll need more than one battery.


No one wants to buy products that are high maintenance. Fortunately, the best modern batteries for boat trolling motors in Houston, TX are low maintenance. They can be used safely in any position and are designed with insulation for protection against vibration to extend their lifespan.


Of course, you want to buy a battery that will provide a long lifespan, offering a good ROI. You can expect to get one to two years out of a wet-cell battery. AGM batteries typically last a bit longer, between three and four years. If you purchase a lithium-ion battery, you can expect to get around 10 years out of this product. To prolong any battery’s lifespan, store it in a cool and dry environment. The batteries also usually last longer if you can use them on a float cycle rather than a deep cycle. However, if you are using a battery for a trolling motor, you’ll likely need to use it in a deep cycle.


In addition to researching how long the battery’s entire lifespan should be, it’s also important to note how long it requires to recharge. If you boat frequently, this is particularly important. If you choose a battery that takes a while to charge, you may want to invest in spare batteries, so you always have one ready to go for your next voyage.

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