What Is the Function of a Bag Filter in a Filtration System?

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A filtration system contains many parts and can offer a variety of solutions. Filtration system bag filters in Houston, TX are designed for specific functions in this process. They are an integral part of filtration systems.

In an oil filtration system, bag filters have two main functions and provide a few key benefits. Following is an overview of these parts and what they offer.

Functions of bag filters

The bag filter in a filtration system can have one or two main functions:

  • Protection: If the bag filter is placed in line before the pump, this provides added protection. The result is a longer lifespan for the pump.
  • Filtration: The second function of the bag filter is to provide better filtration. The bag filter can catch larger particles and allow smaller particles to be caught by the finer filtration aspects of the system.

Potential applications

Filtration system bag filters in Houston, TX have a wide range of potential applications across a variety of industries. The bag filter is available in many micron ratings, making it a versatile product. Uses include:

  • Cement industry: These filters can be used to remove dust in cement processes.
  • Foundries: Filtration system bag filters are good for processing ferrous and non-metallic materials.
  • Biomass burning: In these applications, the filters can remove dust from kettle settings.
  • Coal: For coal or other mills, these can act as a filter product.

Potential regeneration

Filter bags offer versatility and durability, partly because they can be cleaned and regenerated for further use. This can be accomplished by one of three methods:

  • Reverse airflow: The filters can be purged by a reverse flow of air. Using continuous low-pressure air, one can remove the collected solids from the filter.
  • Vibrations: This method involves mechanically shaking or vibrating the filter to remove the dust from the filter.
  • Pulse: This type of regeneration is typically used for filters with metal frameworks. Compressed streams of air are forced through the filter at high pressure to remove particles.

Potential benefits

Due to their longevity and versatility, filtration system bag filters in Houston, TX offer several benefits. These include:

  • Efficiency: By filtering out the largest particles, these filters create a more efficient process for the smaller filters.
  • Reliability: By protecting the pumps, these filters create a more reliable system that is less likely to need repairs or replacement.
  • Profitability: Since the filters can increase efficiency and reduce maintenance, they result in reduced costs and increased profitability.

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