What Causes a Car Battery to Lose Its Charge, and Can It Be Recharged?

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It’s a simple fact that car batteries have a finite lifespan, and once you reach the end of it, there’s not much you can do. If you need to replace your battery, you should do so as soon as possible so as not to prolong the need to resuscitate your vehicle.

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What drains my car battery?

  • Age: Hands down, the biggest cause of a dead battery is its age. Batteries aren’t designed to last forever. If your car battery is old, it won’t hold a charge as well, so no matter how many times you jump start it, eventually it will need to be replaced.
  • You left the lights on: Oops! We’ve all been there—either we’ve forgotten to turn off the headlights, or left the door open just enough. Maybe you forgot to close the trunk. While some cars alert you, you might just find yourself with a dead battery in the morning.
  • Electrical error: Is your charging system working properly? If not, you may have an electrical issue.
  • Parasitic draining: With all the electrical systems and computerized components in cars now, parasitic draining—that is, electrical systems that draw on the battery even when the car is shut down and the lights are off—is a real problem.
  • Corrosion: If your battery cables or connections are corroded, your battery cannot recharge. The same goes for loose battery cables, so be sure to check them at least monthly.
  • Extreme temperatures: Extreme temperatures cause sulfate crystals to build up, which can damage your long-term battery life. If you live in an area with a severe climate, you’ll want to stay on top of your battery as much as possible.

Can my car battery be recharged?

After your car is jumped by a donor car, you’ll let it idle for a few minutes to power the dead battery. This actually does recharge the battery, and then you can drive around for at least 15 minutes to further increase its power. If, however, it dies as you’re driving, this is a sign of a more serious problem. Either your battery is dead, or you have some sort of electrical problem that demands attention right away.

Your primary car battery source

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