New Batteries in Old Cars

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No battery can last forever—at some point, your car’s battery is going to need to be replaced. Car batteries usually last up to five years, but if you live in a hot climate like Houston’s, their lifespan may be as little as three years. Although your car is turned off and parked, its computer systems still feed off the battery, creating a small but constant drain. If you’ve over- or under-charged your battery, that can deplete it as well. Even excessive vibration can shorten its lifespan! Ideally, you should replace your car battery before it completely loses power, but we know that’s not always possible.

Are you thinking about replacing your car battery in Houston, TX yourself? It is a relatively simple job, but there are a few things you should consider before you start the process. Of course, if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, the team at Texford Battery Co. would be happy to help you source and replace your car battery.

Here are our top tips for battery replacement:

  1. Get out your owner’s manual: Your owner’s manual should walk you through each step involved, as well as inform you about any unusual features or processes that your car may require. We suggest setting aside at least 30 minutes for the job.
  2. Get the right battery—and make sure it is fully charged: You can’t use double-A batteries in place of a 9-volt, and the same goes for your car. Make sure that you get the right car battery in Houston, TX for your specific make and model. One easy way to make sure you’ve got the right battery is to bring the old battery to Texford Battery Co. when you visit to shop for a new one. You’ll also want to make sure the battery is fully charged before you begin the installation process. Installing an under-charged battery risks overloading your car’s recharging system, which isn’t designed to recharge dead batteries.
  3. Follow the instructions carefully: Be safe, and follow the battery changing directions to the letter. The order in which you perform the replacement steps is important. For example, you will always disconnect the negative cable first. Furthermore, never let any metal object touch both the negative and positive posts at the same time, as the battery can spark, heat up or even explode.
  4. Clean up and dispose: After you’ve replaced your battery, you should check to make sure the battery cables aren’t corroded. If they are, clean them up and apply grease or petroleum jelly under the clamps to prevent further issues. Always keep your battery upright, as the fluids inside are extremely corrosive. Finally, make sure you dispose of your battery properly by bringing it to Texford Battery Co. for recycling.

Need assistance replacing car batteries in Houston, TX? Texford Battery Co. can help. We provide a wide range of batteries and battery accessories. We also offer battery replacement services. Visit or call us today for more information. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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