How Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Work

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Power outages are not very common, but when they do occur, they can be more than a minor inconvenience. For the average person, losing power in a home might be minorly frustrating, but if a large system loses power, such as a data center or hospital, the results could be catastrophic. Data could be lost or damaged, and even lives can be lost.

This is why uninterrupted power systems, also known as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are so important. A UPS battery in Houston, TX could make a major difference in the way your institution copes with a loss of power.

What is a UPS system?

A UPS battery system provides backup battery power in the event that the normal power supply fails, voltage surges or voltage drops too low. UPS systems are necessary for institutions like hospitals and nursing homes, as well as data centers and major computer systems, to prevent damage or injury caused by a loss of power for even a few seconds.

UPS systems utilize charged batteries to supply power to electronic systems on a short-term basis. How long a UPS will provide power will ultimately depend on the size and design of the system, but most UPS systems only provide enough power for a few minutes, so institutions have time to begin running a backup generator or other form of power supply.

UPS systems are not the same as generators because they provide power almost immediately, which is stored in the battery cells.

Major types of UPS systems

There are a few different types of UPS systems available at your local battery store in Houston, TX. Each type will be best suited for systems of a particular size:

  • Standby: The most basic form of UPS is standby UPS, which utilizes battery power during power shutdown issues like blackouts. Standby systems monitor voltage levels and automatically switch over to battery power when voltage gets too high or too low. Standby systems are most appropriate for smaller electronic equipment systems like computers.
  • Line-interactive: Line-interactive UPS systems actually correct minor power fluctuations as they are occurring without switching over to full battery power usage. These types of systems are best used for consumer electronics to provide consistent streams of power that could be slightly incorrect.
  • Double-conversion: Double-conversion or online UPS systems provide consistent and almost perfect power supply, whether incoming power lines are operating well or not. There is absolutely no transfer time between incoming power and battery power because the power is converted from AC to DC and back to AC power. This means that the system is running on battery power continuously, and the UPS system utilizes incoming power to recharge the battery so that no interruptions occur if incoming power is disrupted. These systems are best used for larger systems and institutions where consistent power is most critical.

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