How Often Should I Test My Unlimited Power Supply (UPS) Battery?

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If you’re running parts of your home or business on an unlimited power supply (UPS) battery, you know just how essential they are. For businesses especially, one simple UPS failure could lead to a long recovery process as they replace the system and try to get back any information they lost in the outage.

If you’re hoping to extend the life and ensure the continued high performance of your UPS battery in Houston, TX, you’ll want to come up with a clear system for supporting the technology. The short list of steps below will offer some insight on what you can do:

  • Preventative maintenance: UPS systems are complex, and often, after one fails, you will have trouble figuring out what exactly went wrong. To make sure yours lasts longer, doing some physical preventative maintenance can go far. You can check out all connections and tighten any that seem loose. If you see any leaking or swelling in the capacitor cans, you know there’s a bigger problem. Finally, look at the power supplies, driver boards and diodes as well for loose connections.
  • Calibration: Another way to monitor your UPS battery is to put it under stress to see how it operates and whether protective settings are functioning properly. You’ll want to look for whether the system’s alarms are turning on under stress, how it kicks into the battery power and whether the current comes back up to normal levels to support the same power.
  • Load testing: Many people will try to test a battery with a simple multimeter, but this is a mistake. A multimeter could indicate a good voltage even when you’re testing a bad battery. What you really want to do to ensure battery health is put the battery under a load test. Once you apply a load and then use the multimeter, you can see whether the battery is truly in good condition. Keep in mind that there are a lot of types of load tests you can perform, including transient response tests, battery rundown tests, harmonic analysis tests and steady-state load tests.

If you conduct frequent battery testing in Houston, TX, you’re on the right track for keeping your UPS battery working efficiently and reliably. Frequent testing means that you can spot problems early on and get them fixed, without needing to replace your entire UPS battery. UPS testing in Houston, TX can be complex, as the tips above show, so you would be wise to work with a battery expert at a place like Texford Battery Co.

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