How to Jumpstart Car Batteries in Houston, TX the Right Way

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Jumpstarting a car battery may seam like a straightforward process. It can be. Many people are familiar with the steps necessary and have jumpstarted a car at some point. However, many people do not know the proper procedures for jumping car batteries in Houston, TX.

When jumpstarting is done improperly, the people involved risk personal injury as well as damage to the vehicles. To avoid these dangers, use the following guide for jumpstarting car batteries in Houston, TX:

  • Arrange the vehicles: Park the functioning vehicle so that it is facing the other car. If possible, arrange the cars about 18 inches apart. Put both vehicles in park.
  • Cut the engine: Turn off both vehicles and set the parking brakes on each.
  • Locate the terminals: Open the hoods of both vehicles. Locate the batteries and terminals in each car. Make sure you can identify which terminals are positive and which are negative. You may need to use a rag to clear away dirt.
  • Attach the positive terminals: Attach the red, positive clamp of your jumper cables to the positive battery terminal on the dead battery. Make sure it has a solid connection. Next, attach the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the functioning car battery.
  • Attach the negative clamps: Once the red clamps are in place, attach the black (negative) clamps. Connect the partnered negative clamp to the good battery’s negative terminal. Do not connect the other negative clamp to the dead battery. This should be clamped to an unpainted metal part of the dead car such as a nut on the engine block.
  • Start the working car: Once all clamps are securely in place, start the working vehicle. Let it run for a few seconds.
  • Start the dead car: The dead car should now start. If it does not, wait another minute or two and try starting it again. It might help to rev the engine of the working vehicle a little.
  • Disconnect the cables: After the dead car starts, disconnect the negative clamps, then the positive ones. Make sure the clamps do not touch each other while any of them are connected to either car.
  • Go for a spin: Once the malfunctioning car is running, do not shut it off right away. Take a brief drive to let the battery charge. This will prevent it from dying again once you shut off the car.
  • Consult with the pros: If you are unable to successfully jump your battery or you experience multiple instances of dead car batteries in Houston, TX, contact your local battery shop. It might be time to replace the battery, or there may be other issues with your car that should be repaired to protect the battery life.

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