How to Identify Battery Corrosion

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When you purchase a car battery, you want it to last for years to come. While batteries do have a projected shelf life, you can extend that by taking good care of them. Although batteries are mostly maintenance free, there are ways to identify and prevent battery corrosion.

When you’re looking to service your vehicle, you need the best battery supplier in Houston, TX. That’s where Texford Battery Co. comes in. For the last seven decades, we’ve proven ourselves to be the best in the region. Let’s take a look at what the experts say when it comes to extending the life of your battery:

  • Battery corrosion is especially prevalent in humid environments like ours. Over time, the moist conditions will result in harmful corrosion that needs to be corrected.
  • If you’re checking the battery, look for a substance that appears to be a white/yellow whipped cream-like material that’s around the battery cable ends. The positive connection is for your battery to distribute power to the entire vehicle, powering all the systems. The negative cable connects to the vehicle’s chassis, thereby connecting to the ground circuit.
  • If you do notice corrosion, a baking soda/water solution can be used to neutralize the problem. First, remove the battery’s terminals, starting with the negative terminal, followed by the positive one. This can be done using a toothbrush to put the liquid on the clamps and terminals. Note that this will leave a residue on the battery’s surface, so you should scrub it thoroughly afterwards and towel it down. If the white substance is still present, use steel wool to finish the job.
  • To extend the life of the battery and prevent corrosion, consider adding a protective coating. An expert battery supplier in Houston, TX can help you to make certain this is done properly.
  • Poor insulation around the battery’s terminals can result in corrosion. The battery is actually supposed to release corrosive gases that are a natural result of battery acid. This isn’t a problem until the battery has to work harder. When this is the case, that means the battery is either overcharged or undercharged. For example, one bad cell can cause overcharging, and the remaining cells need to work harder to keep up.

Texford Battery Co. is the leading battery supplier in Houston, TX. Since 1931, we’ve been a regional leader in battery sales and services. We’ve proved we’re here to stay by becoming a founding member of the Battery Marketing Group, which has allowed us to offer a range of innovative products to our customers.

We offer top services at competitive rates, and have some of the leading technicians around. We carry batteries that meet a number of industrial, automotive and personal needs. Our highly trained and expert staff is ready to help you with fast, friendly customer service. We also offer any service that your industrial power supply system could require, including oil filtrations, charging and installations. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free estimate!

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