Why Won’t My Golf Cart Battery Charger Work?

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Another common question we receive from customers at our battery store in Houston, TX is why their golf cart battery charger won’t work. Obviously, we need a little more information about the problems you’re having with your battery charger before we can diagnose the problem and provide you with a solution that should work for you, but we can at least give you some information about common problems and solutions to them.

The biggest thing you need to know about charging golf cart batteries is that all batteries, including golf cart batteries, have their own self-discharge rate. This is true across all types of batteries. While there are battery designs and types that have different functions and traits, none of them are perfect, and all of them will slowly discharge energy even while not in use.

This means that even if these batteries have been unconnected, you’ll need to keep them maintained by charging them. This is important for all types of vehicle batteries, including the batteries to your golf cart.

Charging your golf cart batteries

Golf cart batteries are, by and large, auto-off designs. This means that when the batteries are connected to electrical power and to a golf cart, the charger will sense the voltage from the batteries on your golf cart as being low and needing to be charged. The charger then turns on and charges those batteries. Once complete, it will turn off.

In a situation in which the charger does not turn on when it’s connected and the golf cart will not operate as designed, there is another possibility you can look into. The golf car charger is automatic, and it’s pre-programmed to look for a wide range of voltage when you have it connected to a battery set. If the batteries were dormant for a long enough time, there’s a good chance the actual voltage could fall below the range recognized by the charger, which means the batteries will not turn on. This is a problem you’ll need to resolve to be able to get your battery up and running again.

The solution

Fortunately there are remedies available for this type of problem.

One of the best solutions is to charge the batteries individually or in pairs with a charger. This should be enough to get your voltage reading and turn the charger on, allowing it to recognize the presence of the batteries and their voltage levels, and even perform a charge cycle.

If you have a small, eight-amp charger, the objective here is to create temporary voltage readings in each one of the batteries to simulate a full set of batteries. In doing so, you’ll prompt the golf cart battery charger to react as appropriate and perform its full charge cycle.

If you are experiencing any sorts of problems with your golf cart battery charger, we encourage you to contact Texford Battery Co., a longtime battery store in Houston, TX, and we’ll provide you with more information about how to resolve your specific issue.

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