Why Is It Important to Keep the Top of a Battery Clean?

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Batteries are complex pieces of technology that perform an amazing task: energy storage. Batteries rely on chemical interactions to store and maintain electrical energy. While today’s batteries are fairly resilient, especially when compared with the batteries of old, they still require some care and maintenance in order to function exactly as intended. Working with a store that provides battery service in Houston, TX is one way that you can ensure that you get the best possible return on your investment in battery technology.

As batteries are used and begin to age, there are a number of things that occur that can affect their performance. One of the most telling signs that a battery is in need of attention is corrosion. If you notice battery corrosion, it’s likely time to bring your battery in for a service appointment. If left unattended, corrosion on top of a battery could cause long-term or even permanent damage to the port, rendering the battery useless.

Here are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your batteries last as long as possible:

  • Clean the ports: Using a wire brush, clean the ports of your battery at least once per month. You should make sure that all signs of corrosion and rust are completely removed from the ports before reconnecting them to a terminal. If you’re struggling to remove a particularly tricky corroded area, pour a can of cola onto the port. The acid will dissolve the corrosion and allow you to finish cleaning with ease.
  • Disconnect when not in use: If you’re not using your battery, make sure that it’s not plugged in. Leaving a battery connected to a car, golf cart or other power-consuming device can drain the battery of its charge, even if the device isn’t in use. Extended periods of use like this can facilitate corrosion on the ports, and also make the battery more difficult to charge in the future.
  • Charge the battery: Whenever you’ve used up all of the stored electricity in your battery, charge it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Because each battery charges and operates slightly differently, it’s important to follow the recommended charging guidelines when you plug your battery in. Failure to do so could drastically shorten the life of the battery.
  • Keep it secure: If your battery is being pitched around a lot during operation, you could be upsetting the chemical balance that makes energy storage possible. Additionally, if the connectors that hook your battery up to your device become loose, they may form a short circuit that could cut off the flow of electricity to your golf cart, car or other vehicle. Be sure to keep your battery as secure as possible.

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