Limiting Ash and Water In Mechanical Systems Can Reduce Corrosion

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Corrosion in internal engine systems is most commonly caused by a buildup of contaminants inside the oil. While the oil itself does not go bad over time, poor filtration can cause these contaminants to slowly build up and require the oil to be changed. Therefore, limiting the presence of these contaminants, such as ash and water, can help reduce corrosion and extend the life of the oil in your engine.

Here is some information from a battery store in Houston, TX about limiting those types of contaminants.

Using Harvard™ brand filters to reduce corrosion, contaminants

At Texford Battery Co., we provide high-quality Harvard™ brand filters to our customers to ensure they get the best possible filtration results. Numerous studies have been performed on these filters over the years, highlighting their effectiveness at filtering out contaminants and extending the life of oil and engine systems alike.

One German study corroborates claims by Harvard Corporation that its filters significantly reduce abrasive engine wear and corrosion. In the study, engines outfitted with filters made by Harvard Corp. had lower abrasion rates even when the intervals of oil changes were stretched out to 40,000 miles. Furthermore, the iron content of the oil when it was changed at 40,000 miles was still the same as oil changed at 15,000 miles in engines that were not using a by-pass filter, which means wear in the Harvard filter-using engines was reduced by more than two thirds—an astounding figure.

One company that manufactures paper, for example, indicated it did not have to replace any valves for two years on a hydraulic system after installing filters made by Harvard Corp. Before the installation of those filters, the company was averaging replacement of two valves per month. At a cost of $700 per valve, that is a significant amount of money being saved—approximately $27,000 a year on average.

Another manufacturer, a plastics company, reported the use of Harvard™ brand filters in its injection molding machines essentially eliminated the wear it typically experienced on its hydraulic valves, saving it between $25,000 and $30,000 per year.

Finally, a sawmill indicated that after it installed filters made by Harvard Corp., the mill was able to go without an oil change in its hydraulic system for an incredible 10 years. Previously, it was averaging six oil changes per year. This marks an unbelievable increase in oil efficiency, all caused by preventing the buildup of contaminants that would otherwise create corrosion inside the mechanical systems of the engine.

These are just a few examples of many more that indicate the benefits of Harvard Corporation’s Oil Extender Program. Harvard™ brand filters are extremely effective at reducing oil waste disposal costs, the expense of oil, machine downtime and overall wear and tear of equipment and mechanical systems. Using it can stretch out the useful life of an engine by years due to how many contaminants it can extract from your oil.

Texford Battery Co. is proud to carry Harvard™ brand filters. For more information or to check our stock, contact our battery store in Houston, TX today.

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