My New Golf Cart Battery Still Isn’t Working Right: Tips About Installing Golf Cart Batteries in Houston, TX

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Occasionally we get calls from people who have recently installed new golf cart batteries in Houston, TX, but the new battery still isn’t working quite right. It’s natural to assume the problem is something other than the battery, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Most golf carts have series battery charging. This means that when you only replace one battery in the series, the new battery will have less resistance for charge than the older batteries do. As a result, the new battery will get overcharged to compensate for the weaknesses of the rest of the batteries. This will wear out the new battery fast until it has reached the same level of wear as the other, older batteries in the series.

Therefore, when replacing batteries on a series charge, always make sure to check the entire set of batteries, rather than an individual battery.

Here are some quick instructions to help you through the process of changing your golf cart batteries:

  • Collect all needed items: You’ll need a wrench, some distilled water, baking soda, post cleaner, goggles and acid-proof gloves before you begin changing out the batteries.
  • Disconnect cables: Open up the battery compartment, which is typically located at the front of the golf cart. Again, remember that most golf carts have a set of six batteries. Go through each battery and disconnect the negative cable first, then the positive cable.
  • Pull out batteries: Remove the battery brackets and pull out each battery one by one.
  • Clean: Using a solution of baking soda and water, clean up all clamps and battery cables. If any are broken, frayed or otherwise damaged, make sure to replace them. Be sure the whole battery compartment is clean and dry before you proceed with the next step.
  • Insert the new batteries: All batteries should be installed in the same positions as the old ones, keeping them clear of the cables. On the first battery, reconnect the positive cable to the positive terminal, and then follow with the negative cable. Coat the terminals with petroleum jelly or a special anti-corrosion gel for battery terminals, then repeat this process with all of the new batteries. Make sure all the batteries are actually new—you can check the date code printed on each of them.
  • Charge batteries: Before using the batteries for the first time, make sure they’ve been charged. New batteries need to be cycled a few times before they reach full capacity. This means you need to discharge them to about 50 percent, and then fully charge them again.

All new batteries should be the same size, age and usage level as all of their companion batteries. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re installing all brand-new batteries in your golf cart.

If you have any further questions about the best way to install new golf cart batteries in Houston, TX, we encourage you to contact Texford Battery Co. today and our experts will provide you with more information.

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