How Often Should Car Batteries in Houston, TX Be Replaced? Warning Signs to Watch For

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Replacing a car battery is simple enough that many vehicle owners can do it themselves. But do you know how often car batteries in Houston, TX should be replaced? Ideally, you want to replace your battery before it completely runs out of juice, and you especially don’t want it to die in the middle of rush hour at a stoplight or on a deserted road at night. The following are some warning signs that you need a new battery:

  • Slow engine crank: Putting the key in your car’s ignition and turning it sends a signal to the engine to start. It takes a lot of power to get your car started—power that is all provided by that one battery. A strong battery will start the car up right away, while a battery that’s dying will cause the engine to crank more slowly than usual. If the vehicle refuses to start or only makes rapid clicking sounds when you turn the key, these are signs that the battery has too little available power.
  • Illuminated warning light: Most vehicles have a battery-shaped dashboard warning light to indicate when there’s an issue with the battery, such as an internal problem or low power. However, keep in mind that the battery warning light could actually be indicating an issue with the alternator or another part of the electrical system, not the battery itself.
  • Issues with the car’s electrical components: Because the battery also powers other electrical components in the vehicle—including power windows, the radio, power seats, headlights, windshield wipers and dashboard lights—it needs to have enough juice to carry more than just the engine.
  • Strange smells: Another telltale sign your car battery needs replacing is catching a whiff of a weird smell; a battery that has frozen, shortened internally or overcharged in its case can vent gas. The gas typically smells like rotten eggs, but don’t discount other unusual odors coming from your vehicle. If you detect a rotten egg scent when you open the hood, visit your mechanic as soon as possible. Although you likely need a new battery, if you ignore the smell, sulfuric acid could also corrode engine parts.
  • Bulging battery case: During a regular car inspection you may come upon a swollen or bulging battery case. The sides of the case are supposed to be flat, but can warp when exposed to excessive amounts of cold or heat. Often, in these cases, the battery is dead and needs to be replaced.
  • Old age: Most car batteries lasts about four to five years, depending on how often you drive the vehicle and the way you drive it. Other factors impacting battery life include exposure to extreme temperatures, whether or not it’s going through full charge cycles and the number of deep discharges.

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