What to Consider When Installing a UPS System

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Installing a UPS system—an uninterrupted power supply system––is a significant investment, but is often a necessary one. If you and your organization are considering installing a UPS system, we’ve put together this post with some things to consider throughout this process.

What to consider before purchasing a UPS system

If you’re considering purchasing a UPS system, you should be working with a trustworthy and independent UPS expert. They’ll be able to help you understand your power needs and what type of system is needed to give you reliable long-term coverage. They’ll also be able to connect you with the right experts in installing and repairing industrial batteries, likely saving you time and money in the long term. If you hire a consultant, they’ll help you understand:

  • Your current power load
  • The unique requirements of your worksite environment
  • Whether your power load is likely to increase or decrease in the next 10 years
  • The differences between UPS systems, which differ primarily in their energy efficiency and system duration

How much will a UPS system cost over its lifetime?

To get a specific answer, you’ll need to work with a consultant to understand your particular needs. Something to note is that systems that are more expensive up front are often more efficient, and have a significantly lower upkeep cost across their lifetime. These systems will more than pay for themselves if you’re at a location that experiences outages but needs 100 percent system uptime. If you only need a UPS system as a stand-in, but don’t need 100 percent uptime, it may be possible that one of the less expensive options can serve your needs. Again, in order to make this decision, it’s important to work with an expert to understand your particular needs.

How long will the UPS system last?

The question of how long the average UPS system lasts is simple on the surface, but difficult to answer, as there are many variables. Your UPS system is a high-tech piece of equipment, made of various circuit boards, electrical components and batteries. In any piece of technology that uses so many interconnected parts, there is always a risk that something going wrong in one part of the system can affect other aspects of the system—this fact alone makes predicting your UPS system’s lifespan quite difficult.

But there are other factors that come into play, too, like your work location—lots of dust and water in your work location might make your system’s predicted lifespan somewhat shorter, for example—and your particular power situation. UPS systems are designed to turn on when a power outage is experienced. The more often the system is used, naturally, the quicker it will deteriorate, so this is also something to consider. A consultant who is familiar with your business’ particular needs can probably give you a much clearer answer.

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