What Is the Difference Between “Deep Cycle” and “Starting” Batteries?

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The two main types of batteries on the market are “deep cycle” and “starting” batteries. The main difference between the two is how much power is produced and how long that power can be produced. In this post, a noted battery supplier in Houston, TX will discuss in more detail the difference between deep cycle and starting batteries and help you determine which battery type is right for you, depending on your particular needs.

Deep cycle batteries

Deep cycle batteries are meant to be reliable. They produce the same amount of energy without spikes or dips for very long periods of time. They can produce more power if you need it, but they run most efficiently when they’re producing power continuously.

Deep cycle batteries have a different internal makeup than starting batteries, and generally produce less power when cranking than a starting battery of comparable size and power. Another difference between deep cycle and starting batteries is that deep cycle batteries need to be recharged slowly at a much lower amperage, as quick charging is known to decrease the lifespan of deep cycle batteries.

Deep cycle batteries tend to have a greater overall capacity, and more longevity, but they cannot produce the same bursts of energy that starting batteries can.

Starting batteries

These batteries are designed to produce quick spikes of energy, such as the energy required to start your car. In a single use, a starting battery will discharge 1 to 3 percent of its stored energy. Starting batteries can quick charge without drawback. Their primary drawback when compared to deep cycle batteries is that a starting battery will often dip into its reserve capacity when providing peak power. Starting batteries are great when you need more power, and are less likely to need long-term energy use.

Picking the battery that’s right for you

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