What Is PFX or “Enhanced Flooded Battery”?

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When you’re looking for a viable battery solution that’s able to stand up to rigorous demand over the long term, it pays to consider the technologies and features that are incorporated into the manufacturing of industry-standard brands. When it comes to Superior Battery Co., for example, their PFX technology shines.

PFX technology has become a staple for commercial equipment and car batteries in Houston, TX because of its many efficient properties. PFX batteries utilize an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design, coupled with a wet or flooded battery, for enhanced performance. In fact, this technology has proven so reliable and lasting that many other companies are beginning to adopt the theory and execution behind it—including Exide, which is introducing its own Enhanced Flooded Battery to compete with Superior Battery Co.

Why Does It Work?

There are many components to a PFX battery that make it unique and highly reliable. It starts with the primary lead core, which:

  • Is made of non-recycled, first-use lead
  • Is free of all contaminants
  • Exhibits improved conductive properties and heat resistance

Supporting the lead core are redesigned, expanded grids, which offer lead compression at a 23:1 ratio, increasing density for a higher tensile strength overall.

Perhaps the most critical part of PFX battery design is the continuous paste mixing. This ensures lead oxide, fiber and expander are all contiguously homogenous. Continuous mixing is the cornerstone of PFX battery technology and enables the exceptional reliability of these batteries to operate even in extreme conditions.

Polyfiber matting enables durability and security for the battery. It’s fused with a positive plate that offers enhanced charging capabilities and extended cycling use.

Finally, Daramic HP-V separators provide key potential for battery utilization. They ensure a 40 percent loss in water reduction, industry-leading electrical resistance and supreme oxidation resistance that protects terminals for years.

Why is PFX the Future of Batteries?

All of these features not only make PFX batteries impressive specimens of design, they’re also supremely important for extended function across applications. Thanks to their emphasis on continuous mixing and rugged durability, these types of equipment and car batteries in Houston, TX will be able to function in all conditions, against unrelenting demand, for longer than traditional lead-acid batteries.

PFX batteries also have the benefit of being inherently designed against self-harm. Their low heat induction levels and resistance to water loss means they’re protected against the dangers of over-operation that many other lead-acid batteries fall victim to. They’re ready to function in spite of themselves under rugged conditions!

Better Than Traditional Lead-Acid Options

If you’re currently relying on a traditional lead-acid battery, it’s important to realize there are newer, better options out there. PFX and other enhanced flooded batteries are improving the form and function of numerous applications, enabling better performance and longevity wherever they’re being put to work.

For more information about enhanced flooded batteries, consult with the experts at Texford Battery Co. today. We’ll be happy to share more with you about the benefits of making the upgrade to this exceptional, proven technology.

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