Will Batteries Left on a Concrete Floor Go Dead?

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We tend to get a lot of questions about proper battery care, maintenance and handling at our battery store in Houston, TX. People want to know how to get the best performance and longest life out of their investments. And in this situation, no question is a bad one!

One of the most popular questions we tend to get may seem like a very curious one: “Will batteries go dead if they’re left on a concrete floor?” People tend to hear a myth or see something on the internet that leads them to believe this. In reality, the answer to the question is more complicated than a universal yes or no. Let’s take a look at the simplest two-part answer.

Polypropylene Batteries

Most newer batteries are made with a polypropylene case. This material is non-porous and highly protective, which means batteries can be placed onto the ground without any risk of a chemical interaction. In this situation, the answer is “no,” batteries placed on concrete won’t go dead.

Rubber Batteries

Now, while modern batteries use a polypropylene case, older ones may still have a rubberized coating. Rubber is porous; therefore, if a battery with a rubber coating is placed on the ground, it runs the risk of sulfuric acid seepage. As sulfuric acid seeps out of the battery into the concrete, it creates a direct short to the ground, which will kill the battery! In this situation, you’re better off keeping older batteries off of concrete floors.

Determining the Material

If you’re unsure of what type of material your battery is coated in, take it to your local battery store in Houston, TX. An expert will be able to tell you at a glance, so you can take care of your battery properly. It’s also a good rule of thumb that older batteries (more than a decade) are rubberized and newer batteries are polypropylene-coated. Some batteries may also list the coating material.

Consider the Floor

Aside from battery coating, it’s also important to keep the temperature of the flooring in mind. Because batteries are electromagnetic, they tend to drop in performance the colder it gets. Heat rises, which means the floor is always going to be the coldest area in any room. So, setting a battery on the floor means exposing it to cold temperatures, which can make it seem like it’s losing power rapidly.

Keep all of these factors in mind the next time you’re about to set your battery on a cold concrete floor. And, take a moment to consider how old the battery is or what its coating is made of. Spending the time to learn more about your equipment could save you from mistakenly putting it in a position to fail!

At Texford Battery Co., we welcome your questions about batteries and how to properly care for them. Our goal is to provide you with insight into better care and use, no matter your battery or application. We believe the more you know about your product, the longer you’ll be able to utilize it to the fullest.

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