What Happens When a Battery Discharges? A Battery Store in Houston, TX Explains

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Whether it’s a smart phone, a flashlight or a vehicle, batteries are all around us. Most of us come into contact with technology that is powered by batteries on a daily basis. Even though the basic function of batteries is the same regardless of the equipment that they are being used in, the appearance, capacity, size and design of batteries can vary widely depending on what is being powered. Some batteries, for example, have the capacity to be recharged once they are used and lose their power. These rechargeable batteries are an economical choice since they can be used again and again. This cycle of discharging and charging can seem like a confusing one, but it’s also important to understand if you use technology that is powered by reusable batteries.

The process of battery discharge

A battery is capable of delivering an impressive amount of power, but it is designed to reserve its electricity until it is actually needed. If batteries were not capable of holding onto electricity and storing it prior to use, then it would be impossible to store batteries without draining their power. In a battery that isn’t in use, there is a liquid solution that also contains acid. This acid surrounds plates within your battery. Once you begin to use your battery, the acid will begin to be absorbed into the plates themselves. This acid will continue to be soaked into the plates until the solution surrounding the plates is just water. When this happens, it means that there is no longer an electrical charge left.

Once the discharging process is complete and the battery no longer has any power, the battery can undergo the recharging process. A charge will be applied to the battery’s terminals and things will begin to shift. The acid that was soaked into the battery’s plates will begin to be released and reincorporated back into the liquid solution surrounding the plates. Once this process is completed and the liquid solution has been restored to its original composition, the battery is charged and ready to be used again.

Batteries utilize electro-chemical processes that promote the movement of protons and neutrons. This movement is what creates the electrical current that can be found in batteries. Batteries that can be recharged are an excellent investment, so it’s a good idea to pick some up from a battery store in Houston, TX.

Visit a local battery store in Houston, TX

Batteries are an essential component in a wide variety of things, including everyday appliances and heavy machinery. They are a common component that you likely encounter on a daily basis, and it’s important that they are taken care of properly. At Texford Battery Co., we have been working to provide our customers with the best products available for decades, and we continue to prioritize quality and service. We carry thousands of battery products, so you are sure to find exactly what you need in our extensive inventory. Whether you have questions about your battery-operated equipment or you need to replace a battery component, we would be more than happy to help you. You can find out more and arrange a consultation with our professional team by giving us a call today.

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